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Provide more quality experiences:

With Alumo’s solar solution you can provide more to loved ones during power outages by following these three easy steps:

Step 1

Purchase a solar solution from Alumo before 15 November 2021 *

Step 2

Select one of the following 3 free energy efficient appliances

Microwave (42L Stainless Steel NeoChef Solo Microwave with
Smart Inverter)
Instant Pot (Instant Pot Duo 7-In-1 Smart Cooker, 6 Litre)
Water Filter (3 Stage 20 Inch Big Blue Filter System)

Step 3

Get switched on while enjoying the efficiency of your selected appliance

You can save 30% or more by adding
a few low-cost items,

Usually for less than R1000, but if you want to make a real difference and save 50%
or more of your electricity bill every month, you should invest in energy-efficient equipment.
https://savingelectricity.org.za/ accessed on 18 Oct 2021

*First payment to be made before 15 November 2021