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Welcome To Alumo

The benefits of going
solar in your home


Start saving from day one.

Solar power can reduce electricity bills as soon as it is installed.


Increase the value of your property.

Solar power can reduce electricity bills as soon as it is installed.


Energy Independence.

Produce your own power and save money.


Protected against rising electricity rates.

Reduce your electricity bill, with free electricity from the sun.

Residential solutions

Our residential solutions can be catergorised as either solar, battery of hybrid solutions.

Turnkey Solutions

Alumo offers an end to end solution from designing your system to meet your needs and budget to the procurement and installation of your system. We also offer a rental option should you not be ready to commit to a capital outlay upfront.

Premium Technology

providing high quality components working in perfect harmony...

Expert Engineers

design and plan to ensure optimal renewable energy solutions...


we always look for innovative ways to solving your energy requirements...

End to end solution

providing our customers with a balanced advantage of quality and reliability...

Our Process

There are four main steps we’ve outlined below for the typical solar installation process


Engineering of system configuration and sizing to your requirements


Procuring solar equipment both locally and internationally


In-house teams with dedicated foreman, appropriate training, experience and qualifications


Testing and setup of solar system by a qualified electrician to ensure the system complies with SANS10142 standards

Rent a Solar Power or Battery Back-Up System today

Renting a solar power system is a very attractive option for homeowners as it requires limited upfront capital investment. It allows homeowners or business owners working from a residential building, to make use of the benefits of solar power and change the way they access electricity.

PV Renting Process Explained

An electricity consumer (system operator) rents a solar or battery back-up system from an entity (the system owner). The system operator uses the electricity and pays a monthly rental fee.


Alumo Energy (system owner) installs a PV system or battery back-up solution on the property of the electricity consumer’s (system operator) home or business.

Rental Contract

The electricity consumer rents the PV system or battery back-up solution from the system owner.

Monthly Rental Fee

The system operator pays a rental fee per month and utilises all the electricity produced by the PV system or in case of battery back-up, the electricity saved in the battery bank.

Buy Out

After 7 years the system operator can buy out the system for a residual value of 10% of the initial purchase price. The option to buy out the system is however available at any time during the 7 year rental period.

Benefits of Renting
Solar Power Equipment

Let’s start with a quick overview of the benefits of solar energy as it relates to your home or business.


Limited Capital Outlay

Limited CAPEX – No big upfront capital outlay.


Upgrade Anytime

Option to upgrade system at any time.


Buy Out Anytime

Option to buy the system at any time.


Annual Site Inspection

Annual on-site inspection of system to ensure it is running optimally.


Technical Support

Free telephonic and technical support assisting with interpretation of data.


Electricity Savings

Save up to 30% of your electricity bill.


Monthly VAT Claim

Claim for VAT monthly if used for your home business.


Save The Planet

Contribute to save our planet for the next generation.


Load Usage Assistance

Free advice on load usage and load shifting to optimise system to its full potential.

Modular Solutions

Start your solar power investment journey today. Upgrade and scale your system at your own pace by following these 4 easy steps. Starting at just R999 a month you can rent a battery back-up system while we monitor and determine the most appropriate upgrade options to your system to make sure you get the most out of the system while still remaining within your budget.

The 4 step Solar Power Investment Journey

Step 1:
Rent-to-Own or
Buy a Battery

Step 2:
Monitor & Optimise
monthly electricity

Add Solar Panels
and/or additional

Step 4:
Always be on
while you save

After Sales Service

Monitoring system

We monitor your system and recommend upgrades or behaviour changes to ensure you get the most out of your system.

Technical Support

We provide technical support with regards to any trouble shooting issues or system faults, should they occur. 

Annual System Maintenance

We offer annual on-site
of your system
to ensure it is
running optimally.


We notify you of
loadshedding updates, software
upgrades, system setting
changes required, and more