The Alumo Experience

We are a team of green collar workers combing a range of engineering skills, unmatched craftmanship and dedicated client service teams to provide efficient end-to-end energy solutions for the residential market. We take into account the entire household’s energy journey, from designing the right energy solution to providing the necessary support and maintenance they need every step of the way.

The ingredients we believe create the perfect formula for efficient energy:

  • the right energy solution design
  • the right energy-efficient devices
  • the correct end-user usage
  • combined with continuous support and ongoing optimization

The innovation we are working on to become the category reference for efficient energy:

  • smarter technology
  • smarter behaviour
  • smarter support

The Alumo Purpose

Our Vision

Alumo wants to pioneer the new formula for efficient energy. One day having each household proudly say “My home runs on Alumo.”

Our Mission:

Educating, inspiring and enabling every family to be more energy efficient in their homes, one home at a time.

Alumo Energy - What How and Why